AGRISAFE has been developed specifically for use in vehicles whose wheels do not require balancing. It follows the same principle as TYRESAFE – sealing punctures instantly with virtually no loss of air pressure – and is also 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, and guaranteed for the legal life of the tyre.

When you’re dependent on vehicles for your business, it’s crucial to keep the wheels turning. Mechanical failure can be prevented, but something as trivial and unexpected as a puncture can keep a vehicle out of action for several hours. When a combine at harvest time, or an earthmover working to a deadline stop because of a flat tyre, it can affect your business dramatically.

One installation of AGRISAFE will seal punctures instantly and will continue to do so for the full tread life of the tyre. AGRISAFE will also save you money by always keeping your tyres at the correct pressure, which reduces wear and tear and unnecessary fuel waste.

AGRISAFE instantly forms a chemical bond within the puncture hole, effectively sealing the tyre permanently.

AGRISAFE will seal holes up to 15mm in off-road situations. In military tests, it permanently sealed tyres punctured with small arms fire, with virtually no loss of pressure in the tyres.

AGRISAFE can be applied to any type of pneumatic tyre and on vehicles used primarily off-road, so it is ideal for a wide range of heavy vehicles such as agricultural machinery, earthmovers, construction plant, and military vehicles.