Prozone Fuelsaver:

The PROZONE® FuelSaver is the latest revolutionary development at the forefront of over 40 years of research into fuel combustion. It is ISO 9002 certified and will work on petrol, diesel, and two-stroke engines.

The PROZONE® FuelSaver will fit neatly into any existing petrol or diesel fuel line. It is simple to fit and requires no further alteration to internal combustion engines.

The PROZONE® FuelSaver incorporates a fuel modifying process, imparting molecular changes to the fuel, that significantly improves combustion efficiency.

The PROZONE® FuelSaver requires NO maintenance, servicing, or repair, and will operate for up to 480,000 km.

The benefits of installing the PROZONE® FuelSaver are the following:
1 – reduction of fuel consumption (typically above 15%)
2 – reduction in toxic exhaust gas emissions
3 – cleaning of injector nozzles
4 – improved response to throttle (acceleration)
5 – cleaner engine with reduced carbon deposits in the cylinder
6 – lubrication and protection of upper cylinder, valve seats, and rings by molecular tin
7 – effective on petrol engines using either leaded or unleaded fuel.