Lebanon Index CD-ROM:

The Lebanon Index CD-Rom is a user-friendly, easy to navigate directory of over 15,000 business contacts including banks, shops, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, architectural firms, and much more.

The Lebanon Index CD-Rom is a simple search engine with a database divided into 20 categories. It also contains a multisearch engine which allows users to specify their needs based on the information they have. For example, a user could search for our company by entering any of the following:- 1) our location (Hamra)
2) the nature of our business (trading)
3) the full company name (Intromarkets2000 S.A.R.L)
4) part of the company name (Intro)

Our search engine will help users find what they are looking with the minimum information available to them. This feature allows users to be as specific or general as they wish. Users could therefore search for a specific bank in a specific area, or for all banks in a certain area, or for all businesses beginning with the letter I.