The Tyresafe system is comprised of a water-based solution containing specially treated particles of rubber, rust inhibitors, preservatives, and gums that are held together in a high viscosity suspension. The Tyresafe solution is a tyre deflation preventative that can be used in any mode of transport that employs tubeless pneumatic tyres. The system works on the basis of centrifugal force in combination with internal tyre pressure, such that the rubber particles held in suspension in the Tyresafe solution work with the tyre to seal any penetration by a foreign object.

The Tyresafe solution is installed into the tyre by first removing the valve core, then pumping the required amount of solution via the valve using a calibrated pump, and finally, replacing the valve core. This is a simple process that does not require the tyre to be removed from the rim, nor the wheel from the vehicle. Once installed, the Tyresafe solution coats the inner tread area of the moving wheel. The even coating brought about by the wheel’s rotation, combined with the centrifugal forces, ensure that when an object causes a puncture the Tyresafe solution is forced into the hole, chemically bonding to the tyre to effect a permanent seal. The motion of the vehicle ensures that an airtight seal is completed almost instantly.

The sealing process has been tested by RAPRA TECHNOLOGY (a government approved test house) to confirm that the Tyresafe system conforms to BSAU 159F, which is the British standard for repairs to tyres for motor vehicles on the public highway. The tests confirmed that over a 6 month driving period (approx. 40,232 kms at speeds up to 240 km/h) the Tyresafe system performed effectively, maintaining tyre pressure and continuing to seal punctures. The tests also confirmed that the Tyresafe solution did not ball up or solidify, prevented rust from forming inside the wheel, and did not harm the tyre in any way. Similar tests have been conducted for EEC regulation 30.

The Tyresafe system has been certified independently, stating that it is non-toxic, biodegradable, contains no CFC’s, is non-flammable, and does not contain any harmful substances. The solution does not freeze at temperatures down to -40ºC and remains effective at temperatures up to 90ºC.