TYRESAFE is a permanent puncture sealant composed of tiny rubber particles suspended in a highly viscous mixture of 16 different adhesive agents. It is pumped into each tyre via the air valve, and as the wheels rotate, TYRESAFE forms a protective layer (approximately 3 mm thick) around the inner tread area of the tyre. If a puncture should occur, the centrifugal forces and the pressure of the air as it tries to escape, push TYRESAFE into the hole where it forms a permanent plug with virtually no loss of air pressure. The plug formed by TYRESAFE is guaranteed for the legal life of the tyre. TYRESAFE will bond only in the hole as a result of the heat caused by the friction of the escaping air. Gone is the fear of losing control of your car as the result of a high-speed blowout. Gone is the inconvenience and danger of having to change tyres on a highway. Welcome peace of mind and the safety of all passengers, young and old.

TYRESAFE also helps prolong the life of tyres by up to 25%. One of the causes of tyre deterioration is deflation over time, something that no longer occurs with TYRESAFE in the tyres. This particular benefit from having TYRESAFE installed into tyres also helps reduce fuel consumption, since driving on deflated tyres means the engine invariably uses more fuel. TYRESAFE is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable, and washes out of clothes and the tyre with water.

TYRESAFE is installed into vehicles whose wheels must be balanced prior to installation of the product. AGRISAFE, a product manufactured by the same company as TYRESAFE that follows the principle, is also available. AGRISAFE can be used for motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, wheelchairs, tractors, and any other mode of transport whose wheels do not require balancing prior to installation of the product.

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